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Our wines and spritzers

Leggy, social and fun to take to parties…our wines are destined to be part of the in crowd!

 They are also award winners – to date 32 national and international medals!



Table Wines

Rhubarb - Our most popular wine. Light, crisp, like a prairie summer day captured in a bottle.

Currant - The favourite of the Cowboy Winemaker's wife. Deep, rich, dry. Invokes Europe with a prairie flair.

Cherry - A popular summer sipper. Crisp and intense sour cherry flavour. Makes exceptional Sangria.

Apple - (sold out) A seasonal option, bright apple flavour with a hint of autumn in every bottle.

Winter - (sold out) Chokecherries and strawberries blend for our most complex, deep, and warming wine. Great mulled or as is.

Dessert Wines/Port Style

Juliett - Our biggest award winner. Double Gold Finger Lakes International Wine Festival in NYC. Juliett cherries fermented into a port-style wine that changes the mind of even the biggest fruit wine doubters.

Cassis - Black currant finished port-style. An intense European-style wine that invokes the old-world with a new-world twist.

Framboise - (sold out) - Pure raspberry heaven. Like drinking the most beautifully ripe raspberries you have ever had. Amazing in cocktails or on its own.



COMING SOON - Fraise. Iced Strawberry. I think that's all that needs to be said.



Created in partnership with our friends at Black Fox Farm and Distillery. You've never tsted anything like it, and 100% Saskatchewan. Check out the mingle website at

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