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"Land of the Living Skies" isn't just a license plate slogan. For us it encapsulates the true magic of living on the prairies. From amazing sunsets, to northern lights or the vision of 100,000 birds migrating overhead, when you look up in Saskatchewan there's always something amazing to see. We create our wines in that spirit of awe and amazement.. If you want commercial, mass-produced wine that comes in a box - well, our wine's not for you. But if you care about local sustainable production, artisan craftsmanship and wine that brings a smile to your face from the first sip - well, we can help you with that

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Proud to be Canada's 2012 Outstanding Young Farmers!


We owe where we are today to an amazing group of friends and family who came out to frame walls, pick fruit, tend to bees and lend a shoulder when we needed a cry. And yes, we have cried, but only when really, really tired. Thank you to everyone who didn't block our phone calls and came to our rescue time and time again. We owe you for life!

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We love that we have amazing relationships with our customers, and believe that you are the cornerstone of our success! If you have a passion for Living Sky wines or ciders let us know! We will share them on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere in between!

Partnerships of Importance

One of the things we love the most about making wine on the prairies is the amazing people we get to work with on a regular basis! We are always looking to partner with other businesses and organizations in a way that makes everyone stronger. We owe special debts of gratitude to Paddock Wood Brewing Co. for their assistance with our ciders, and Cypress Hills Vineyard and Winery for their support and friendship. Because what's a great glass of wine without friends to share it with?